Low Sodium Diet for Babies

Does your child have too much sodium or sugar in their diet? A recent study showed that 72% percent of toddler dinners were high in sodium (> 210 milligrams per meal). Having a high sodium diet is detrimental to your child’s health, it can cause dehydration, constipation, and make it harder for your child to cut out sodium as they get older. 

In Korea, it is considered common sense to feed babies under 24 months old a no salt diet. Although cheese is considered healthy for babies due to its nutritional benefits, after checking the labels of cheese sold in various health stores I was disappointed to find that they contained high quantities of salt.

In order to ensure that your child has a low sodium diet, consider cooking their meals or reading the label to make sure that the food isn’t overly processed and filled with high amounts of sodium. Start having your child eat healthy from the start – so as adults, they will be used to having a healthy diet.

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